Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Declaration of Interdependence

Some books suck. It's a sad fact of life. Somewhere, somehow, right now there is a publisher who thinks that the book that they are about to put out is the next great American novel, but they are sadly mistaken because the book sucks. And this happens all the time. With all that wasted paper out there, and few reliable methods to truly discern whether or not a book is worth reading, it can be difficult for the average reader to smoothly transition into their next instant-favorite.

Enter The Daily Genoshan {trumpets blast, confetti, fanfare, etc.}!

The goal of The Daily Genoshan is to really get into a reading and give detailed reviews of any and all books that come across my desk. Novels, memoirs, poetry, comic books, Chinese food menus, billboards, screenplays, cereal box nutritional information, anything that can be read and reviewed. The Daily Genoshan is here for YOU, the innocent reader, victim to bad characterization and lackluster plots everywhere you turn. A review by The Daily Genoshan will not only let you know which books suck, but also why they suck, in case that particular brand of suck is something you might be into.

[There may also appear reviews of good books, so don't be alarmed if you come across some positive suggestions. In fact, I find it extremely difficult to even finish sucky books, so it may turn out that there are more reviews of good books than of bad. Don't worry, though, I'll even review the segments of books that I do not finish reading, illustrating clearly why I never finished them.]

The Daily Genoshan is open and welcome to suggestions for books to review, and may even feature guest reviewers from time to time. If you would like to suggest a book or guest star as one of The Daily Genoshan reviewers, just email me at, with a subject line of either "TDG: Review suggestion" or "TDG: Guest Reviewer" (pretty creative, I know, it took me days to think of those).

Keep reading, Genoshans!

Brian McGackin
Founder, The Daily Genoshan

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